I was privileged to work in Christine’s team for three years and she has been integral to my career development. Her extensive leadership experience gives her such a great perspective from which not only to offer organisations invaluable advice on how to engage their commercial teams, but also coach business leaders to create the right environment for employees to reach their full potential, develop their careers in the right way, and ultimately drive commercial success for the business.

Rebecca, Marketing Services

You have been like fresh air! I have loved working with you and the approach you take. I really admire your business ability and how you behave as a person; you’re a pleasure to work with and also effective, which is all too rare a combination.

Charlotte, Shipping & Freight

Detail 3

 Meeting Christine Mayston was a defining moment in my professional career. It was been inspiring to work with Christine and to see how she took an interest in my development. She has a great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring, and is astute enough to cut to the heart of matters and will challenge you and your thinking.  Her insight, dedication, advice and integrity are second to none. She is a terrific mentor/coach. Without a doubt, my time with Christine was an invaluable time investment for my life and for my career. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her, and would highly recommend her for those serious about their career.

Steve, Transitioned from Operations to Marketing