Call a Careerist

Not ready to take the leap into a consulting package? I get it. Sometimes something small stops you in your tracks and you just need to call someone who gets it, get some perspective and move on with your career, you fabulous thing.

Then this one is for you. 45 minutes of concentrated, collaborative and considered career consulting. It’s coaching, mentoring and shooting the shit rolled into one.

Email now to find out if it’s right for you.

1:1 Career Consulting

There are a million reasons now is the time to get committed to becoming a Considered Careerist. Maybe you are super smart and just starting out and what to plan well from the beginning. Maybe you’ve had a major life change that’s shifted your priorities. Or have you had so much success that it feels like you’re running out of road and you need to set yourself a new challenge. Whatever it is, we have the consulting package that’s right for you, check out the standard packages below, or get in touch to book something more bespoke

Just Getting Started: Strategies to decide what you want to be when you grow up and how to navigate the world of work. Investment is only £250 for four sessions over four weeks, with about an hour of at-home work per week. Sessions can be in person in London, UK or via Skype from anywhere

How to Impress in times of Distress: We’ve all had rainy seasons and it can stop you in your tracks personally and professionally. From bad bosses to stressful life events, this package is designed increase resilience and regain control. Investment is £250 for three sessions and about an hour of take home work per week.

Planning a Pivot/Momentous Moves: As career and live progresses, the opportunity to make a change can be paralysing. This package is designed to spur momentum

Group Consulting

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